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Breitling SuperOcean GMT (Limited edition of 100 pieces)










Interesting story. My Regular Superocean was stolen while on vacation and I went to the net to replace it where I saw this model. I had tried a Superocean professional but I didn't like the black dial or the brushed finish and so I resold that one and when I saw this one I immediately knew this was going to be perfect. I had no idea until after I purchased it that it was #18 out of only 100 ever made. It is one of the watches I wear most frequently. It comes with both a tan croc strap and a SS bracelet. both compliment the watch perfectly. I love the metal band and I love the dial. I wish the date was larger but it is otherwise as close to perfect as any watch I have ever owned.  

  Breitling SuperOcean

Apparently my standard issue Superocean was not stolen after all. I found it in my valise. It had fallen beneath the lining through a tear in the fabric. I include a photograph of the original for comparison. It is every bit as much as nice a watch as the GMT, if less rare, and cannot be beat for legibility, ruggedness and style. A great everyday watch.


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