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Glashutte Original (pronounced Gla Shoo Tay)


Glashutte (pre-Senator) Chronograph 10 - 60 movement

This was my first Glashutte Original. It is hard to describe what makes a GO so desirable to me. The quality of the in-house movement, the simple, uncluttered designs and the finish of the case are all just perfect. I included the close-up shots to show the stardust finish on the dial. I think it appeals also that you just do not see that many Glashutte watches in the U.S. This the pride and joy of German watchmaking and the cream of the crop of some damn fine timepieces that are made in the town of Glashutte, and it is very German. Utilitarian and built to last but with just a touch of great looking. If you are interested in owning a Glashutte watch you should read up on the history. Very interesting, from their ties to Lange and Sohne to how they survived the cold war behind the Iron Curtain. By the way the alligator band is tinted a deep navy blue, not black. Very cool. 


This, to me, is the ultimate watch. I had wanted this one since the first day I saw it. I think that this watch is every bit as perfect as a comparable Lange and Sohn or even a Patek. And I am partial to blue dials with matching alligator straps. This is my fourth or fifth watch with a blue dial. Even those watches that do not have blue dials have blued hands or a blue strap. Wierd? Check out the double swan neck regulators. Wow.


Glashutte Senator Karree (limted edition of 500)

You have to wear this one to appreciate it fully. It just looks great on and it is classy. It is just the right size and weight for a dress watch and yet it isn't small. Very different and it gets a lot of comments. GO's take on the tonneau shape. No blue. Black on black.




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