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Ulysse Nardin

Berlin II (Discontinued)

Of all the UN watches that I have been able to afford, I think this is my favorite (I vasilate between this and the Michelangelo GMT). The dial is definately unusual. It is a dual time (the larger subdial at 3 keeps track of home time in 24 hour format. Then you have your sub small seconds at 9, and 30 minute and 12 hour registers at 12 and 6 respectively. But I think what I really love is the mother of pearl set off against the unique guillache pattern in off white. The dial is almost feminine in its beauty and yet the watch is decidedly masculine in every other detail. Maybe it appeals to my feminine side. Don't know. It is also incredibly balanced and comfortable on the wrist.


Michelangelo UTC Dual time.

 This is the one I mentioned above. The dial is almost purple and the metal bracelet is perfect. This watch has 2 very unique patented UN feature and was the first UN watch I believe to utilize the big dual dial date and the quick set +- hour for changing time zones. Permanent home time is under the built in cyclops magnifier at 9. Very readable and very beautiful dial. I love to wear this one out. The tonneau shape and size are perfect and to me it is just deco enough to be interesting while also maintaining and understated class.  


MaxiMarine Chronograph

This was my first Nardin watch. Somedays, I think the dial is great looking and other days not. It is very Nardin. Maritime heritage shines through and the yellow/cream/stainless dial is absolutely unique. Despite the small magnifier over the date at 4 I have trouble reading the date at times. I think that is what bothers me the most. If the cyclops was larger in diameter the watch could be perfect. The bracelet is masculine and good looking in my opinion and it needs to be solid because this watch is heavy. The hands and hour markers look black in the photos but they are a deep blue.



This is an antique UN doctors chronograph (pulsometer) from the 40's.

The case is a rose gold plating and the lugs are fixed. I had  hell of a time deciding on and then finding and fitting a new alligator band. I found a very expensive German company to sell me the Hirsch strap you see here. for an older watch it has a really nice 36 1/2 mm case. It is amazing how small this feels after wearing all of the large heavy new cases. Although it works like a charm and keeps deadly accurate time, it always feels fragile and I can not read the sub dials without a 10X loop and so it is useless as other than a curiosity. It is all original and it is pretty. I may sell it soon.



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